MagnaCon 2020 Schedule

MagnaCon 2020
Virtual Conference
June 11 – 12th

Schedule is subject to change at any moment.

Thursday, June 11th, 10:00AM

Our Virtual MagnaCon will have Guest Speakers, Live Events, Networking & Education ALL DAY!

10 AM (EST)

Pat Ziemer, CEO, and Alane Paulley, President, will have opening remarks and kick off MagnaCon in style! This will go straight into guest speaker Dr. Amanda Myers and her explanation of PEMF, followed by Q/A.

11:30 AM (EST)

Dr. Marty Goldstein will be available to discuss his use of MagnaWave and PEMF technology in healing pets.

1:00 PM (EST)

Farley Nash and David Hedges, MagnaWave practitioners in the livestock business, will be presenting bucking bulls, swine, and more tips!

2:00 PM (EST)

Dr. Curtis Turchin will be explaining the science behind red light therapy and the LZR Ultrabright.

3:30 PM (EST)

Hazel Reed, certified MagnaWave practitioner, will be discussing how she’s used MagnaWave on her brother after a stroke and other business tips.

Friday, June 12th, 10:00AM

Virtual MagnaCon Continues with more demonstrations, educational speakers, Live Q&A, and more! We’ll end the evening with a Virtual Party where attendees can win prizes, including a MagnaWave machine!

10:00 AM (EST)

Day 2 of MagnaCon continues with a hands-on example of Equine sessions with Pat Ziemer and Erin Hughes.

11:30 AM (EST)

Bruce Mandeville from Otterbein University will be here to discuss how their using MagnaWave in the classroom and experiences he’s seen in their studies.

1:00 PM (EST)

Dr. Sandra Snell uses MagnaWave at the Sycamore Animal Hospital and has will share her stories on small animals and people.

3:00 PM (EST)

Dr. Jerry Dreessen is an expert in using MagnaWave on athlete recovery and in his chiropractic business, as well as heading the Association of PEMF Professionals!

4:30 PM (EST)

Shannon Pullifrone and Jody Murray of LTC MagnaWave Services will be hosting a live Q/A on how they run their business in the equine industry across multiple states!

7:00 PM (EST)

The MagnaWave after party will be held online for all MagnaCon attendees! We’ll be giving away prizes, including a MagnaWave device!! Be in attendance to interact with everyone and enjoy the festivities.