Bob Dennis

Bob Dennis is the original inventor of the modern PEMF technology that was developed in a NASA study to show that pulsed electromagnetic fields could be used to stimulate tissue regeneration on a cellular level. This means: stimulation of coherent cellular function, as well as, healing bone, tendon, and nervous tissue. He has been an engineer, scientist, inventor and educator for the past 35 years.

He graduated from the University of Michigan with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and was in the Harvard MIT Health Science and Technology Program where he later had a laboratory in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He has held faculty and scientist positions at Harvard, MIT, and UNC Chapel Hill.

Currently he is a Biomedical Engineering Professor at The University of North Carolina and is researching Tissue Engineering and research on building devices that grow tissues in culture and inside living animals. He has published 40-50 papers in areas of skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, smooth muscle, vascular, bone, ligament, tendon, and articular cartilage.

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