Jerry Dreessen, DC, CCSP

Dr. Jerry Dreessen is a radio talk show host, speaker, author and nutritionist. He holds a degree as a Sports Injury Specialist, is a past team doctor for a Semi-Pro Football team, and is Board Eligible in Orthopedics. He is the Clinic Director and owner of Back To Action Chiropractic and Massage Center, in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

Dr. Dreessen’s commitment to Chiropractic was strengthened by his own experiences with pain. As a senior at Lynnwood High School, a football injury left him with a debilitating headache, blurry vision and fatigue. After a cervical manipulation from his father, his foggy demeanor immediately disappeared. This firsthand experience helped confirm his desire to become a chiropractic physician.

Dr. Dreessen specializes in patients that are new to chiropractic. His focus is on helping as many people as possible regain health and reach their true health potential by allowing their bodies’ natural healing ability to do it’s work without interference.

His expertise on anti-inflammation and joint mobility techniques has helped powerlifters achieve record breaking lifts, auto accident victims get back to work in record time, and little old ladies enjoy cruise ship adventures.

Dr. Jerry Dreessen has been practicing for 25 years and uses Magna Wave in his practice. He has seen amazing results with patients and says 95% of patients return for second treatments. He is treated patients with a wide variety of ailments including acute pain, Bell’s Palsy, bladder incontinence, brain injury, knee injury, shoulder pain, back pain and even old injuries.

Hear from Dr. Jerry Dreessen at Magnacon and how he has seen Magna Wave transform the lives of his patients.

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